J&A Rosendale

John Ankele & Anne Macksoud of Old Dog Documentaries respond to audience questions after the screening of The Wisdom to Survive

The Rosendale, NY screening of our latest film The Wisdom to Survive was a wonderful event and especially gratifying for us because of the enthusiastic response of the audience. This is only the second time this film has been seen by anyone but us. We had lost a bit of perspective as we stared at the editing screen for a year. But the response at Rosendale (and the earlier screening in Woodstock, Vermont) has confirmed our hopes that the film will not only tell the stark truth about the effects of climate change, but also give viewers a sense that all is not lost. Or, as Bill McKibben puts it the film,

“I think we have a chance. I think the game is not over yet, and the outcome not clear. But I sure don’t think it’s going to happen automatically. I think the only hope is to build a big movement.”

It looks to us as if the Rosendale community (in the heart of the Hudson Valley) is well on the way to building ” a big movement.” The theater was packed with smart and dedicated activists from many organizations. Perhaps the biggest service our being there afforded was to give the audience the opportunity to see how much is going on right around them and how they might collaborate on specific projects.

As a result of the screening in Rosendale, there is another Hudson Valley screening (sponsored by Sustainable Warwick) scheduled for February 16, 2014 (if you’re already subscribed, sign up here for our newsletter so that we can keep you informed about this and other upcoming events). We are deliberately not starting another film project so that we can be available to get this film seen and discussed as much as possible.

John, Anne & John Wackman outside the theater (with the WTS poster just behind us!)

John, Anne & John Wackman outside the theater (with the WTS poster just behind us!)

Thank you, John Wackman and the rest of the Rosendale Theatre Collective, for supporting our film and for working to get such an excellent and responsive audience.