New York Premiere of WISDOM TO SURVIVE Dec. 4

Author Joanna Macy

“You can’t talk about it. Mainstream society doesn’t want to hear about our sorrow for life on Earth.” Author Joanna Macy’s soft voice delivers the heartfelt message of The Wisdom to Survive: Climate Change, Capitalism and Community. The new film is one of the few to face the impending climate catastrophe head on. The 56-minute documentary makes its New York State premiere on Wed., Dec. 4, at 7:15 pm at … Read More →

Interfaith Dialogue—Why Do We Care?


Justin Whitaker recently wrote a thoughtful review of Jesus & Buddha for He noted, “the documentary proves to be a welcome entrée into not only Buddhist-Christian dialogue, but also the discussion of the Ultimate or Absolute in general – a conversation that could go well beyond these two traditions [emphasis his]”. As Whitaker points out, Jesus & Buddha offers a focused discussion. The film is not an exhaustive treatment of the … Read More →

Potent & Poignant


“Jesus and Buddha is both potent and poignant in its sharing of three distinctly different accounts of multi-faith exploration. Each story, wonderfully intimately, brave and touching, invites us to consider how our own faith journey—when practiced across traditions—invites us into deeper understanding, greater integration and increased connectivity, with ourselves, with the Divine, and with our world.” — Rev. Lauren Van Ham, M.A., Dean, Interfaith Studies, The Chaplaincy Institute Rev. Van Ham was ordained … Read More →

Wake Up to Be Human


Gautama became Buddha because he woke up. Jesus, the son of Mary, became Christ the Son of God because he woke up to the divine spirit that was given to him in his very being. Again I refer back to my teacher, Karl Rahner. This was back in the 60s. I never really understood it until I started studying Buddhism. He said, “To say that Jesus is divine means that … Read More →

Jesus as Teacher

Morning Glory CU

During our interview, we asked Prof. Paul Knitter how he understands Jesus as savior, and how that understanding has been informed by Buddhism. Paul Knitter: Buddha is recognized as the extraordinary person that he is. He has continued down through all these centuries as someone that Buddhists continue to hold up, because he taught people how to achieve enlightenment. He himself was enlightened and he taught people how to achieve … Read More →

Our Finger’s Not the Moon

Moon rise at sunset

Prof. Paul Knitter: Buddhism affirms very clearly what is also taught in traditional Christian theology, that God, as the ultimate reality, is always in excess of what we can know. We are never going to get the full picture. We do know truth about God, that’s our claim. As Buddhists would claim they know the truth about Dharma, about their understanding of enlightenment. But the truth that we know is … Read More →

Eloquent Testimony


“Renowned historian Arnold Toynbee is said to have remarked that among the most significant events of our time that will shape the future of our human community, one which historians a 1000 years hence will undoubtedly mark out as a notable feature of our age, is the encounter between Buddhism and Christianity. This prophetic statement by a scholar with an eye to the major movements in human history, made in the … Read More →

Why We Are Destroying the Earth & How to Change

Sitting by field-10in

Old Dog Docs: How are you feeling about the human treatment of this Earth that you see as the life of God in a sense? Chung Hyun Kyung: Climate change and ecological disasters make me very sad and sometimes angry. I think we destroyed Mother Earth because in a deep sense we do not love ourselves. We lost balance within ourselves. Angry persons, suffering persons, make other people suffer. And … Read More →

Choose Life


Scientists have told us that if we keep this lifestyle we have maybe 50 years left on this Earth. It is very depressing. They might be right. But, I am not a scientist. I am a theologian, a hope maker, a vision maker. Beverly Harrison, a feminist at Union Theological Seminary, said, “Depression is anti-revolutionary.” Don’t let it get to you and don’t allow it change the world. So yes, … Read More →

Grace From Inside Out

Daybreak in South Texas

Fr. Robert Kennedy, SJ: To become one with your self, to see the breadth of your self or the light of the self or the beauty of the self, is then to recognize the breadth and the beauty and the light of Christ. We are not separate. There is no question of separation here. It is Christ growing within us in all that we do. So, Catholics frequently speak of … Read More →