What to do about Israel?

Screening STW w Anne Macksoud 2

This may be one of the critical questions of the year. Another is: What to do about Palestine? What to do after 50 years of occupation? One answer is to be as fully informed as possible. Another is to inform oneself with an open mind and an open heart. Then, to share the awareness, have open discussions. This process is what is revealed in one of our new films, Seeing … Read More →

Mother’s Day Screening Honoring Mother Earth

Judson Memorial Church

The Judson Memorial Church on Washington Square Park in New York City generously hosted the NYC premiere of The Wisdom to Survive, to an almost packed space, on a glorious Mother’s Day Sunday. The park across the street was in full bloom, the sun was shining in all its brilliance, children and husbands and partners walked down the street carrying bunches of roses and other flowers to lay in the … Read More →

Practicing halakha and sustainable living

Nigel Savage, of Hazon, boldly states: “Margaret Thatcher famously said ‘There is no such thing as society’; she felt there was the State and the naked individual and nothing in between. I think Jewish tradition disagrees quite profoundly with that.” In the following interview, Savage explains the Jewish notion of “halakha”, which is often translated as “Jewish law” but, as he indicates, more closely means “to walk” or, interestingly, in … Read More →

What Do the Jewish People Have to Offer in Relationship to Ecology?

While we were filming The Wisdom to Survive, we compiled a selection of talks with different influencers in the world of ecology and sustainability. In this short and direct first interview of a series carried out with Nigel Savage, of Hazon, the speaker asks an interesting question: “What, if at all, do the Jewish people have to offer to the wider society, to the world, today, in relationship to a … Read More →

From Seminary to Screening Room


Just before the Rosendale Theater screening of The Wisdom to Survive, John Ankele, co-producer of Old Dogs, was interviewed for Chronogram, a Hudson Valley magazine, by editor Brian K. Mahoney. As Anne Macksoud states in her own interview on Eco Shock radio, and Ankele confirms in his conversation with Mahoney, what catapulted the ODD team to make the film The Wisdom to Survive was their reading of the book Eaarth … Read More →

What Kind of Doomer Are You?

Directors Anne Macksoud and John Ankele editing. Photo: M. F. Sacca.

Co-producer Anne Macksoud was recently interviewed by Alex Smith, host and producer on radio EcoShock about the launch of ODD’s latest film, The Wisdom to Survive. The theme of the day: What kind of doomer are you? Other interviewees included alternative “guru” Albert Bates from The Farm in Tennessee and musical activist Rachelle Van Zanten. Smith launches with a direct question: What set them on the path to make the film? Macksoud’s response: … Read More →

Moving towards Climate Activism

CA food security activists raise crops on public land.

We’ve discovered that our newest film, The Wisdom to Survive: Climate Change, Capitalism, and Community, is inspiring lively discussion and reflection around climate activism. That was our hope when making the film. In the three screenings so far, one question that has arisen repeatedly is: “What can I do?” As one viewer wrote: I was deeply moved by this film… and it’s taking me a bit of time to integrate… … Read More →