Coal Cars on the Tracks: Carbon in the Sky

Audience at the Reading Movies 11 Theatre

Two arresting images from the screening of The Wisdom to Survive, our film on climate change, which screened in  downtown Reading, PA, October 13: As my host and old friend, Blair Seitz, and I passed under a trestle, on an outing that morning, we saw dozens of fully loaded coal cars standing above us on the railroad tracks. And, although they were nearly hidden against the black of the night sky, … Read More →

The Answer is Community

Environmentalist and activist Rev. Sharon Delgado

Wisdom to Survive is an exquisitely-filmed documentary that presents an overview of the climate crisis, including its causes, effects, and directions of hope. Poignant scenes illustrate the sacred beauty of the natural world, the tragedy of its diminishment, and our human interconnectedness with the rest of creation. The film unflinchingly names global free-market capitalism as the system that underlies the current plunder, with scenes of massive technological resource extraction causing … Read More →

Netroots & Detroit Water Shut-Offs

Detroit Turn on the Water

The Wisdom to Survive is part of the Changing the Climate on Climate Change screening showcase at Netroots Nation this year. Turns out, our program was scheduled for the same time as the rally led by National Nurses United to protest planned water shut-offs. I’m proud to say that the participants in our showcase were unanimous in agreeing to re-schedule so we could all attend the rally. Here’s the press … Read More →

Mother’s Day Screening Honoring Mother Earth

Judson Memorial Church

The Judson Memorial Church on Washington Square Park in New York City generously hosted the NYC premiere of The Wisdom to Survive, to an almost packed space, on a glorious Mother’s Day Sunday. The park across the street was in full bloom, the sun was shining in all its brilliance, children and husbands and partners walked down the street carrying bunches of roses and other flowers to lay in the … Read More →

Practicing halakha and sustainable living

Nigel Savage, of Hazon, boldly states: “Margaret Thatcher famously said ‘There is no such thing as society’; she felt there was the State and the naked individual and nothing in between. I think Jewish tradition disagrees quite profoundly with that.” In the following interview, Savage explains the Jewish notion of “halakha”, which is often translated as “Jewish law” but, as he indicates, more closely means “to walk” or, interestingly, in … Read More →

What Do the Jewish People Have to Offer in Relationship to Ecology?

While we were filming The Wisdom to Survive, we compiled a selection of talks with different influencers in the world of ecology and sustainability. In this short and direct first interview of a series carried out with Nigel Savage, of Hazon, the speaker asks an interesting question: “What, if at all, do the Jewish people have to offer to the wider society, to the world, today, in relationship to a … Read More →

Reach towards the Light

YELLOW WETLANDS, oil on linen, 12" x 20", 2004. By Ron Gee.

I really appreciated your unique and surprising approach to the issue of climate change, that besides the obvious economic and social impact of the declining ecosystem, there is a spiritual dimension which too often takes a back seat. Because the problems are so seemingly insurmountable, it is easy to allow fear and cynicism to paralyze us into inaction and acceptance. I think you are right to remind us of values … Read More →

Positive Climate Change in the Human Family

Greenhouse at Sunpoint Farm

Dostoevsky’s “Beauty will save the world” was quoted at the opening, and that’s a good description of The Wisdom to Survive. Every scene was more stunning than the last. Even in the devastation scenes, the people crying out were beautiful. I never knew anything about Joanna Macy. She has a joy and wonder in her face that is bigger than the miseries she has digested. I also loved her recommendation … Read More →

Come Out of the Closet

Jim Merkel, Author of Radical Simplicity

The beauty of this film is that it calls me out of the closet. To shake off whatever cultural baggage there is that inhibits me from admitting to those around me that I care. In this hyper individualistic, hyper materialistic, hyper militaristic epoch, caring and wearing your heart on your sleeve is risky and radical. And bolder still is to stand up for whales and polar bears, Afghans and Native … Read More →

From Seminary to Screening Room


Just before the Rosendale Theater screening of The Wisdom to Survive, John Ankele, co-producer of Old Dogs, was interviewed for Chronogram, a Hudson Valley magazine, by editor Brian K. Mahoney. As Anne Macksoud states in her own interview on Eco Shock radio, and Ankele confirms in his conversation with Mahoney, what catapulted the ODD team to make the film The Wisdom to Survive was their reading of the book Eaarth … Read More →