What Kind of Doomer Are You?

Directors Anne Macksoud and John Ankele editing. Photo: M. F. Sacca.

Co-producer Anne Macksoud was recently interviewed by Alex Smith, host and producer on radio EcoShock about the launch of ODD’s latest film, The Wisdom to Survive. The theme of the day: What kind of doomer are you? Other interviewees included alternative “guru” Albert Bates from The Farm in Tennessee and musical activist Rachelle Van Zanten. Smith launches with a direct question: What set them on the path to make the film? Macksoud’s response: … Read More →

Who Was in the Room?

2 girls on windswept beach

Thanks, Anne, for providing me with the chance to see the third showing of The Wisdom to Survive. It was an extremely compelling film. I liked the conversation that followed the showing but as often is the case, my thoughts took some time to crystalize. When they did, I asked myself, “Who Was in the Room?” The excellent cast of articulate characters that contributed on camera was quite evident. They … Read More →

Moving towards Climate Activism

CA food security activists raise crops on public land.

We’ve discovered that our newest film, The Wisdom to Survive: Climate Change, Capitalism, and Community, is inspiring lively discussion and reflection around climate activism. That was our hope when making the film. In the three screenings so far, one question that has arisen repeatedly is: “What can I do?” As one viewer wrote: I was deeply moved by this film… and it’s taking me a bit of time to integrate… … Read More →

Activists Packed the House in Rosendale

J&A Rosendale

The Rosendale, NY screening of our latest film The Wisdom to Survive was a wonderful event and especially gratifying for us because of the enthusiastic response of the audience. This is only the second time this film has been seen by anyone but us. We had lost a bit of perspective as we stared at the editing screen for a year. But the response at Rosendale (and the earlier screening … Read More →

Launching WISDOM TO SURVIVE in Vermont

Standing ovation at WISDOM's premiere. The sold-out screening was sponsored by Sustainable Woodstock.

Filmmaker Anne Macksoud was present at the very first public screening of The Wisdom to Survive: Climate Change, Capitalism and Community. Presented by Sustainable Woodstock, the screening was sold out. Anne was sitting on the floor. Others were sitting in chairs placed in the aisles. Anne reports that, at one point, she was struck by the quiet in the room. Afraid the audience had fallen asleep, she glanced around: they … Read More →

New York Premiere of WISDOM TO SURVIVE Dec. 4

Author Joanna Macy

“You can’t talk about it. Mainstream society doesn’t want to hear about our sorrow for life on Earth.” Author Joanna Macy’s soft voice delivers the heartfelt message of The Wisdom to Survive: Climate Change, Capitalism and Community. The new film is one of the few to face the impending climate catastrophe head on. The 56-minute documentary makes its New York State premiere on Wed., Dec. 4, at 7:15 pm at … Read More →

Interfaith Dialogue—Why Do We Care?


Justin Whitaker recently wrote a thoughtful review of Jesus & Buddha for Patheos.com. He noted, “the documentary proves to be a welcome entrée into not only Buddhist-Christian dialogue, but also the discussion of the Ultimate or Absolute in general – a conversation that could go well beyond these two traditions [emphasis his]”. As Whitaker points out, Jesus & Buddha offers a focused discussion. The film is not an exhaustive treatment of the … Read More →

Potent & Poignant


“Jesus and Buddha is both potent and poignant in its sharing of three distinctly different accounts of multi-faith exploration. Each story, wonderfully intimately, brave and touching, invites us to consider how our own faith journey—when practiced across traditions—invites us into deeper understanding, greater integration and increased connectivity, with ourselves, with the Divine, and with our world.” — Rev. Lauren Van Ham, M.A., Dean, Interfaith Studies, The Chaplaincy Institute Rev. Van Ham was ordained … Read More →

Wake Up to Be Human


Gautama became Buddha because he woke up. Jesus, the son of Mary, became Christ the Son of God because he woke up to the divine spirit that was given to him in his very being. Again I refer back to my teacher, Karl Rahner. This was back in the 60s. I never really understood it until I started studying Buddhism. He said, “To say that Jesus is divine means that … Read More →

Jesus as Teacher

Morning Glory CU

During our interview, we asked Prof. Paul Knitter how he understands Jesus as savior, and how that understanding has been informed by Buddhism. Paul Knitter: Buddha is recognized as the extraordinary person that he is. He has continued down through all these centuries as someone that Buddhists continue to hold up, because he taught people how to achieve enlightenment. He himself was enlightened and he taught people how to achieve … Read More →