Filmmaker Anne Macksoud was present at the very first public screening of The Wisdom to Survive: Climate Change, Capitalism and Community.

Gus Speth & Roger Payne at Vermont premiere of WISDOM TO SURVIVE

Gus Speth & Roger Payne in audience at Vermont premiere of WISDOM TO SURVIVE

Presented by Sustainable Woodstock, the screening was sold out. Anne was sitting on the floor. Others were sitting in chairs placed in the aisles. Anne reports that, at one point, she was struck by the quiet in the room. Afraid the audience had fallen asleep, she glanced around: they were listening intently. She’d taken 35 copies of the film and sold them all. One person asked if she could order 100, to give to organizations. (The answer is, oh yes!)

Here’s what some of the audience had to say:

“a brilliant, achingly poignant film.Please SEE THIS FILM – bring it to your community, talk about it, share it with others. It is one of the most artfully-rendered films on the planet’s crisis (and how we move through it) I have ever seen. What an extraordinarily moving afternoon.”—Shyla Nelson, Founder, One Earth One Voice Campaign

“I appreciated the balance of the reality of the situation with a feeling of hope and connection.”—Kathleen Robbins, Place-Based Education Specialist

Standing ovation at WISDOM's premiere. The sold-out screening was sponsored by Sustainable Woodstock.

Standing ovation at WISDOM’s premiere. The sold-out screening was sponsored by Sustainable Woodstock.

“I was deeply moved by this film… and it’s taking me a bit of time to integrate… I feel inspired that there is still hope and there are good people out there doing good things to join up with. The film is absolutely a call to action. I find myself reaching out to get engaged but not being clear WHERE or with WHOM. What I would like to see at other showings is a one-page print-out that lists organizations that are proactive and their websites/ locations. That would help me connect up and DO something.”—Emma Bragdon, PhD, Director of the Integrative Mental Health University

“The videography  is spectacular. The message is beautifully conveyed—kind of a moral root canal with some anesthetic but not enough to obscure the real problem. You get to the heart of the matter.”—Ora Wry, Musician & Activist

The Wisdom to Survive is Beautiful, Heartbreaking, Urgent.” —Organic Soul, Natural & Holistic Living

“You have created a very powerful piece. It was overwhelming and inspiring and infuriating and deeply moving. I really am honored to have been able to participate in it and to give voice to Berry’s words. You wove them beautifully into some stunning images. Thank you. Congratulations. Onward and upward”.—Hamilton Gillett, Actor: voiced the Wendell Berry poem used in The Wisdom to Survive

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