The Wisdom to Survive is part of the Changing the Climate on Climate Change screening showcase at Netroots Nation this year. Turns out, our program was scheduled for the same time as the rally led by National Nurses United to protest planned water shut-offs.

I’m proud to say that the participants in our showcase were unanimous in agreeing to re-schedule so we could all attend the rally.

Here’s the press release we’ve sent out:


Netroots Nation Showcase Changing the Climate on Climate Change

Horrified by the water shut-offs, three filmmakers coming to Detroit to screen at the Netroots Nation conference are turning their showcase into a call to action.

Originally scheduled to screen at the same time as the rally organized by National Nurses United on Friday afternoon, their films focus on environmental themes. When the filmmakers realized attending their showcase would mean drawing Netroots audience away from the downtown rally, they called a hasty phone meeting Monday with Netroots programmer Justin Krebs. Consensus was quickly found: the showcase was re-scheduled for 12:15 pm.Detroit Turn on the Water

Director Dave Saldana of Keystone Pipelies described the termination of water service to poor people as “obscene.” He continued, “The city is claiming unpaid bills to justify turning off water to low-income residents for the past several months, while only recently going after delinquent corporate customers that had continued receiving water service, including golf courses and the State of Michigan.”

Said Julie Bergman Sender, producer of Harmony: “The Detroit water shut-offs are an unprecedented human rights violation. Recent news stories state the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department is trying to privatize Detroit water. It’s part of plans to creep out of bankruptcy and prove the city can become financially solvent. This strategy would set a dangerous precedent for other cities in financial crisis.”

Angela Alston, outreach director for The Wisdom to Survive said: “Our film is about the need to take action, as a community, to take our destiny out of the control of corporations. Using the showcase to help raise awareness about the plight of Detroit residents could not be more appropriate. We are all connected—what’s happening to Detroiters now could happen in any city, as water supplies become unreliable and more valuable.”

The screening is entitled “Changing the Climate on Climate Change: A Showcase of Films for Environmental Action.” It focuses on films that address our environmental challenges, and the moral questions these issues raise. After the discussion, presenters will invite the audience to join them at the nearby rally calling on the city of Detroit to keep the water turned on for all its citizens.

The showcase includes excerpts of three films:
•    Pipelies Exposed
•    The Wisdom to Survive: Capitalism, Climate Change and Community
•    Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World

Pipelies Exposed is a short documentary that debunks the main myths pushed by Keystone Pipeline proponents about jobs, national security, safety, climate, the economy, and more.

The Wisdom to Survive: Capitalism, Climate Change and Community accepts that climate disruption is here. Will we have the wisdom to survive? The award-winning film features thought leaders and activists in the realms of science, economics and spirituality discussing how we can evolve and take action in the face of climate disruption. Included are interviews with activists Bill McKibben, Joanna Macy, Roger Payne, Herschelle Milford, Quincy Saul, Ben Falk, and more.

Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World is inspired by the passion, conviction and guiding principles of HRH Charles The Prince of Wales. The film captures the vision of an authentic leader tackling critical global issues – a prince who is not afraid to actually get his hands and feet dirty. For over three decades, The Prince has worked side by side with dynamic environmental activists, business leaders, artists, architects and government leaders around the world. Harmony is a global call to action offering concrete solutions to meet the challenges of climate change, globally, locally and personally.

Representing the films are producer Julie Bergman Sender, outreach director Angela Alston, and director Dave Saldana.

“Changing the Climate on Climate Change” will be moderated by Matthew Filipowicz. Filipowicz is a comedian, cartoonist, satirist and host of The Matthew Filipowicz Show, a progressive political talk show. His work has been featured on Ain’t It Cool News, The Atlantic, the BBC, CNN, HBO, Huffington Post, London Times, The Nation, New York Times, NPR, PBS, Wall Street Journal and many other outlets.

Netroots Nation amplifies progressive voices by providing an online and in-person campus for exchanging ideas and learning how to be more effective in using technology to influence the public debate. The ninth annual gathering of the Netroots will be held July 17–20 in Detroit. Netroots Nation 2014 will include 80 panels, 40 training sessions, inspiring keynotes, film screenings and other engaging sessions designed to educate, stimulate and inspire the nation’s next generation of progressive leaders.