Dostoevsky’s “Beauty will save the world” was quoted at the opening, and that’s a good description of The Wisdom to Survive. Every scene was more stunning than the last. Even in the devastation scenes, the people crying out were beautiful.

Greenhouse at Sunpoint Farm

Greenhouse at Sunpoint Farm Sanctuary

I never knew anything about Joanna Macy. She has a joy and wonder in her face that is bigger than the miseries she has digested. I also loved her recommendation not so much to do battle with the dying corporate greed culture as to sit with it like a kindly therapist and help it through its stages of dying.

And I did not know what permaculture is, so I am glad to know. That movement, that note of hope—with people lining up to take courses, and reaping vast amounts of rice from one non arable acre,etc.—reinforced the hopefulness that many of us are feeling “against all odds.”

Your film puts our little Sanctuary efforts here in New Hampshire into a large context, a large positive climate change in the human family. It says it all and will probably become foundational in our effort. Well, almost all. We are tapping into the reserves of power in each human soul covered over by society’s great ambivalence about spirituality as part of the solution too.

Paul Doolittle & Patricia Hutchins

Paul Doolittle & Patricia Hutchins

Bob Doolittle, Sunpoint Farm Sanctuary

Bob Doolittle, together with his brother Paul and Paul’s wife Patricia Hutchins, is creating a cooperative community and official retreat center sharing spiritual practices on a 28-acre organic farm.