While we were filming The Wisdom to Survive, we compiled a selection of talks with different influencers in the world of ecology and sustainability. In this short and direct first interview of a series carried out with Nigel Savage, of Hazon, the speaker asks an interesting question: “What, if at all, do the Jewish people have to offer to the wider society, to the world, today, in relationship to a series of ecological crises?” The question is a suggestive one. In the end, Savage points out that the Jewish people, through their history and their consistent and continuous resuscitations, offer a message that is clear: Hope. What I would argue is that they also offer, through their culture and spirituality, a depth of humanness, a reminder of the importance of community in finding a way to continue to build a more perfect world. This is Savage’s message too: the Jewish view is to face disaster, not to “close down”, but to face and hold reality and not lose hope.

For the complete first interview, watch below:

1) Nigel Savage on Jewish People & Ecology.mov from Old Dog Documentaries on Vimeo.