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Wisdom to Survive

SEEING THROUGH THE WALL : Meeting Ourselves in Palestine and Israel


Many walls separate Palestinians and Israelis—walls of concrete, of mistrust, of ignorance, of fear. This film follows a group of Americans who traveled to Israel and Palestine in 2016 seeking to understand what life is like for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories and in East Jerusalem. They met with Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Christians and Muslims, each with their own narrative, most wishing to live in peace.

The journey became an intense encounter not only with people they met, but also with their own preconceptions, an experience that for many of the travelers was transformative. Seeing through the Wall invites and challenges viewers to question their own assumptions and prejudices.

“Your film takes a gentle, sympathetic position toward all sides. You create a tone of voice that I think is absolutely crucial if we are to make any progress.”

Susannah Heschel
Chair, Jewish Studies
Dartmouth College

“This film is very powerful and beautifully done. You have brought so much truth forward without a tone of anger or recrimination”.                            

Mary Evelyn Tucker
Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology

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ONE BODY, ONE HEART : When death suddenly becomes real


It can come at any time – a life threatening diagnosis that suddenly makes death real. As he confronts cancer of the pancreas, Bob Gunn draws upon his experience and practice as a psychotherapist, a Christian minister and a Zen priest to illuminate a way through that perilous terrain where fear and uncertainty would prevent us from living fully and joyfully in each moment.

Features an intimate dialog between Bob and Zen Master Roshi Pat O’Hara that offers comfort, support, and indispensible guidance for all who are now (or one day will be) facing the difficulties of “old age, sickness and death.”

Bob’s Bio

Robert Kaku Gunn serves as pastor of the Community Church of Syosset, NY and as a Zen Priest at the Village Zendo in New York City. He is on the faculty of New York Theological Seminary, teaches at Union Theological Seminary, and is author of Journeys Into Emptiness: Dogen, Merton, Jung and the Quest for Transformation.

"A powerful and inspiring video, about the braiding of faith traditions, and great open heart of practice......... "
-- Joan Halifax Roshi (Upaya Zen Center)

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