Screenings of Wisdom to Survive have taken place in many countries around the world, including the UK, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, and the Dominican Republic.

 For a current list of community screenings of Wisdom to Survive, visit the Bullfrog Films website.



Community Screening

Would you like to use Wisdom to Survive to spark discussion with your neighbors? Our distributor, Bullfrog Films, Wisdom to Survive Posteroffers screening kits to help. When you order a kit, it comes with a license to publicly screen the film once, and to sell the DVD copies for private use only. We’ll have a flyer you can download to help spread the word. You can sell the consumer DVDs to defray the cost of your screening. Note: you can ask for donations. If you charge admission, that’s a theatrical screening. Click here to go to the Bullfrog site, or look for more info below. Please email alex (at) bullfrogfilms (dot) org if you have any questions: bottom line is, we want you to be able to use the film to increase awareness and activism to limit the impact of climate change!

Screening Kit Choices

  • $59 No-Frills Package: 1 Community License DVD and 50 postcards
  • $99 Basic Package: 1 Community License DVD, 5 Consumer DVDs, 100 postcards
  • $199 Activist Package: 1 Community License DVD, 10 Consumer DVDs, 150 postcards

Theatrical Screening

If you charge admission for your screening, the license fee depends on your audience size. Here’s the structure:

  • 50 people or less: $100
  • 50-100 people: $200
  • over 100 people: $350

Inviting the Filmmakers

If you’d like to invite one or both of the filmmakers to attend, let us know. We ask for an honorarium, and that travel expenses be covered.